Child Custody Issues

Disagreements on custody arrangements, visitation agreements and parenting plans place a father's future relationship with his children in jeopardy. While gender biases in the courtroom are decreasing, men going through divorce may feel the odds of receiving fair and equal treatment are not in their favor. When faced with life-altering legal challenges, it is important to work with an experienced Atlanta father's custody rights lawyer.

I have a solid reputation for reaching favorable settlements and verdicts for fathers in complex child custody cases. With more than 18 years of experience, I have the skills and resources to tenaciously pursue maximum rights for fathers in Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia communities.

Trusted Representation For Fathers' Rights

Your children and the relationships you have with them are precious. If you are going through divorce, the lawyer you choose to represent you can significantly affect the future of those relationships. It is difficult to overturn a child custody case ruling. To achieve a favorable outcome that protects your rights and your children, rely on an experienced attorney with the skills and resources to pursue justice on your behalf.

When dealing with life-changing issues, it is in the best interests of every family to maintain control over the situation. Putting your future in the hands of a judge is not ideal. I take a reasoned approach to guide fathers on the proper path to reach swift and successful resolutions for custody and parenting time issues. With years of experience settling and litigating child custody disputes, I can advise you on the favorable and problematic aspects of your case as well as the potential outcomes.

As a guardian ad litem, I have an in-depth understanding of how to achieve a favorable ruling in court. In order to build the best case on your behalf, I carefully listen to your needs, explain your options and proactively pursue the best possible results for you and your children.

Marietta Lawyer For Dads' Custody Rights

The actions you take to resolve tumultuous child custody disputes have lasting consequences. Rely on an attorney with the skills and experience to forcefully defend your rights. Call 770-528-0456 or contact me online to schedule a free half-hour consultation.