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Thoughtful transitions can make co-parenting easier

Co-parenting can be difficult, yet is an effort that many Georgia fathers consider beneficial for the sake of their children. Working cooperatively with the mother of your children may not be easy, especially in the weeks and months after a divorce, but there are things that you can do to make this process easier for you, and, therefore, more peaceful for your children.

One of the ways to make the co-parenting process a bit easier is by making transitions between parents and homes as peaceful as possible. This does not come by accident, but rather comes through thoughtful planning and a willingness to set aside difficult emotions for the sake of the kids.

Finding your fatherhood groove after divorce

When you think back on your own childhood, you probably remember quite a few milestone moments. Perhaps you're one of many other men in Georgia who played Little League baseball as a boy. Thinking back to that first time up at bat might be enough to make you nervous all over again!

Custody rights for parents with unique schedules

Child custody is a sensitive issue, and it can be complicated for parents to come to an agreement on such an important matter. With few exceptions, parents have the right to regular access to their kids, but it can be difficult to maintain a regular visitation schedule when one of the parents travels for work or has an unusual work schedule.

If you are a father fighting to maintain a strong relationship with your children, you need an experienced Georgia lawyer by your side. With the right guidance, you can secure a child custody plan that allows you to be present while still meeting your job-related obligations.


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