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Custody rights for parents with unique schedules

Child custody is a sensitive issue, and it can be complicated for parents to come to an agreement on such an important matter. With few exceptions, parents have the right to regular access to their kids, but it can be difficult to maintain a regular visitation schedule when one of the parents travels for work or has an unusual work schedule.

If you are a father fighting to maintain a strong relationship with your children, you need an experienced Georgia lawyer by your side. With the right guidance, you can secure a child custody plan that allows you to be present while still meeting your job-related obligations.

How to protect your rights while parenting from a distance

You have rights as a father, and if you feel that the mother of your children or your work schedule threatens these rights, you have options. You may benefit from the advocacy of a fathers' rights attorney if the following apply to your situation:

  • The mother of your child wishes to move farther away from you.
  • You have a demanding work schedule, such as a doctor, nurse or shift worker.
  • Your work requires you to travel on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • The current visitation schedule no longer reflects your ability or needs.

In these situations, it may be possible to secure a renegotiated visitation schedule or receive extended access to your kids over school breaks, holidays or other times. Additional options may include mandated FaceTime or phone conversations, both of which allow you to be a part of your kids' lives when you cannot be there in person.

Fight to stay involved in the life of your child

If your rights as a father are compromised in any way, there is always an option by which you can maintain a strong role in the lives of your children, regardless of how complicated your situation may be. Instead of relying on a verbal agreement with the other parent or arguments that add stress to your life, turn to an experienced lawyer.

Your attorney will tenaciously advocate for your rights and interests as a good parent. Whether it is in negotiations for a new visitation schedule or during a modification request or enforcement matter, you will benefit when you have an experienced legal ally working for you.

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