A father's active role in his child's life is equally as important as a mother's. While Georgia family courts' biases in favor of mothers are declining, it is important take the proper actions to safeguard your rights as a father. I am Atlanta fathers' rights lawyer Jessica Handley Frost, and I bring 18 years of family law experience to advocate for equal treatment of fathers throughout the Atlanta metro area. I understand the delicate approach necessary to achieve my clients' goals while working in best interests of their children.

I Protect Father-Child Relationships

Dissolving a marriage reaches a whole new level of complexity when children are involved. An experienced Atlanta fathers' rights lawyer can make a significant difference in preserving your relationship with your child.

Whether you are concerned about preserving your visitation rights or have questions on establishing paternity, I can guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals. My mission is to help clients maintain control over life-changing personal matters and keep their family's fate out of the hands of a judge. When negotiation is not an option, I have the exceptional litigation skills to advocate on your behalf in court.

As a guardian ad litem, I advocate on behalf of children and make recommendations to the court on proper parenting plans and child custody arrangements. This experience gives me a unique insight into presenting the best case to achieve maximum rights on behalf of the father.