Child Support Works Both Ways

It is not unusual for fathers to be ordered to pay child support in Georgia. In divorces in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the mother gets custody significantly more often then fathers. For most fathers, that makes sense and paying monthly support is an opportunity to ensure the health and welfare of their child. But what happens when the child starts wanting to spend more and more time with dad and the cost burden begins to shift more equally between the parents?

An Attorney With One Mission: To Protect The Rights Of Fathers

I am fathers' rights attorney Jessica Handley Frost, in Marietta, Georgia. For more than 18 years, I have been standing tall to protect the rights of fathers who have been given less than equal access to their children or have had their rights curtailed by the child's custodial mother.

If you are a father who is starting to spend equal (or more) time with your child but you continue to pay your original court-ordered monthly child support obligation, you have the right to seek a change through the courts. It can be a tough battle, as the custodial mother will often dig in her heels to maintain the original obligation amount. That is why having an experienced fathers' rights attorney fighting on your behalf is your best strategy for a successful modification.

Most Common Reasons Fathers Have The Right To Reduce Child Support Payments

Custodial mothers don't always like hearing that their expenses go down when the father spends more time with the child, or when specific costs have been eliminated or reduced. Too frequently, the amount budgeted for the care and welfare of the child is replaced by other household costs, but not necessary directly related to the cost of raising the child.

Some common reasons fathers have the right to reduce their original child support order include:

  • Mother no longer has day care expenses
  • Child increases the percentage of time spent in the father's home
  • Child no longer attends a specified private school or religious instruction
  • Child no longer has specified health care costs
  • Child stops attending specified camps, sports or social activities
  • Child stops specified music lessons

Reducing Your Child Support Payment Doesn't Make You A Deadbeat Dad

Notice that none of the reasons listed above suggest that the father wishes to modify the child support amount because of losing interest in the child's welfare. Child support is NOT alimony. When the cost of raising the child is reduced or equalized between the parents, the obligor has the legal right to reduce the financial payments.

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