Marietta Fathers' Rights Lawyer

A breakup or divorce from the mother of your children leads to dramatic life changes. The approach you take to resolve these highly emotional, complicated legal issues has lasting consequences. If you are a married or unmarried father and your relationship with your children's mother is ending, it is important to take the proper steps to protect your rights and secure your relationships with your children.

I, attorney Jessica Handley Frost, bring 18 years of family law experience to advocate on behalf of fathers throughout Marietta and the Atlanta metro area. My mission is to promote maximum rights for fathers while protecting the best interests of the child.

In most situations, a child benefits from both parents playing an active role in his or her life. If your custody or visitation rights are being threatened, I can guide you on the best course of action for obtaining maximum custodial rights or parenting time with your children.

As a Marietta fathers' rights attorney, I am experienced in negotiating and litigating issues related to:

  • Parenting time: I help clients establish optimal visitation schedules that maximize family time.
  • Child custody: As a guardian ad litem, I know how to present your case in the best manner for meeting your needs and protecting your children.
  • Paternity: Until paternity is established, a father has no rights. Once a paternity action is filed, I help fathers seek equal decision-making rights for their children.

When faced with complex family matters, my clients benefit from having a respected counselor on their side. My extensive courtroom experience, particularly in litigating complex child custody cases, is recognized among fellow Atlanta legal professionals. I approach every case with a high level of integrity and dedication to protecting your rights. With a genuine concern for your needs and the well-being of your children, I will proactively pursue just resolutions on your behalf.

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If you are a father going through divorce, you may be concerned that your rights will be disregarded in favor of your spouse's. Trust an experienced fathers' rights lawyer to provide the sound legal counsel and forceful advocacy you need. Call 770-528-0456 to schedule a free-half hour consultation or fill out the online contact form.